IEVision, Advanced Tools Add-On, 4.0.0 Released

Together with our update for ImageEn, we have released v4.0.0 of our advanced features plug-in, IEVision.

Top Five Features

1. Pattern Matching: Search image for template images

2. Pattern Matching with Map: Search for template images and return comparison map

3. Classifier Training: Find objects in an image using positive and negative samples

4. Watershed Selection: Automatic selection using painted markers

5. Grabcut Selection: Automatically select the main subject within an image

Demo all the new features at:


IEVision Pricing

IEVision v4.0.0 is a free update if you purchased a license or extension after 13 December 2016. If you qualify please complete the form at:

IEVision can be purchased for $399.50 from our order page:


More Information

IEVision is an advanced add-on for ImageEn that provides:

  • Face Detection and Object Tracking

  • OCR

  • Image Patching

  • Barcode Recognition

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