Fund ImageEn for FireMonkey!

We are investigating the implementation of our ImageEn Image Library for the FireMonkey platform to support Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.


(To learn more about ImageEn our powerful imaging library for Delphi and C++Builder visit:

With the release of FireMonkey, Delphi and C++ developers can now build cross-platform applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, but presently there is no FireMonkey imaging library of the calibre of ImageEn.

Perhaps you are already a user of ImageEn looking to transition to a cross-platform solution, or maybe you are a FireMonkey developer looking to enhance your applications with imaging functionality. Either way, your support for ImageEn for FireMonkey will allow us to deliver the solution you need.

To get started, we only need pledges for 100 licenses. Please support our project by pledging at:


We have already completed our initial investigations and developed the following release plans:

ImageEn for FireMonkey v0.50

Release: February 2018

  • Enhanced bitmap object for non-visual image manipulation
  • Support for all common image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, FAX, G3F, PCX, DCX, Icons (ICO), DICOM, PSD, CUR, etc.
  • Access to all frames in multi-image formats such as GIF, TIFF and PSD
  • Support for alpha channel (e.g. in GIF, TIFF, PNG, ICO, CUR, PSD files)
  • Supports wide range of pixel formats: 1 bit, 8-bit color and grayscale, 16-bit grayscale, 24-bit RGB, 32-bit floating point, 24-bit CMYK, 48 bit RGB, CIELab
  • Quality filters including Triangle, Hermite, Bell, BSpline, Lanczos3, Mitchell, FastLinear, Bilinear and Bicubic
  • View and edit meta-data of image files
  • Image editing features, including cropping, auto-cropping, flipping, rotation and resizing
  • Conversion of color ranges, gray scale and negative
  • Image display component, with automatic fit and real time zoom. Including background and quality properties to enhance display
  • Support for multi-frame images and animated GIF files
  • Clipboard support


ImageEn for FireMonkey v1.0

Release: May 2018

  • More image editing functions, including automatic image enhancement functions
  • Selection of images for partial editing
  • Other mouse interaction options include cropping, mouse wheel support and click-dragging to navigate and zoom the image
  • Gesture support (depending on capabilities of the device)
  • Red-eye removal
  • Images from digital cameras can be automatically displayed with the correct orientation
  • Quick reading of image properties (dimensions, color depth, etc) without loading image
  • Loading and saving of digital camera (EXIF) fields Loading and saving of EXIF GPS fields
  • Loading and saving of Adobe XMP fields from JPEG, TIFF and PSD files
  • Loading and saving of IPTC data from JPEG and TIFF files
  • Support for Color Management Systems to process ICC profiles


ImageEn for FireMonkey v2.0

Release: Q4 2018

  • Easily manipulate and edit multi-page images in code using Multi-Bitmap class
  • Load all frames of TIFF, GIF, DICOM and supported video files
  • Powerful thumbnail display component to display images as a grid
  • Display files from a folder, frames from multi-image files or a file selection
  • Many styling options including text, shadows and frames
  • Multiple click, drag and checkbox selection options
  • Powerful options for faster display including EXIF thumbnail support, caching and loading on demand
  • Other color adjustment features including contrast, HSL, HSV channel separation, RGB, gamma correction, temperature and noise removal
  • Soft shadow and inner shadow effects
  • Multilevel undo and redo Image effects such as custom filters, bump map, lens, wave, morphing, Gaussian and blurring and sharpening
  • ChromaKey background removal
  • Image transition and Pan-Zoom effects
  • Advanced selection types including polygons and “magic wand” (to instantly select a colored area). Includes options such as selection intensity and feathering
  • Language selection with support for: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, etc.
  • Image Printing
  • Support for theming Histogram control Twain and WIA acquisition (on supported devices)
  • Open and Save Image dialogs
  • Exporting to Adobe PDF and PostScript (PS and EPS)
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8 Responses to Fund ImageEn for FireMonkey!

  1. LUIS A. GAMA M. says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the product, how much is it the license cost?
    I’m developing an app that is able to get the NIR (Near InfraRed) value in order to process an algorithm to determine the NDVI index. Please refer to:

    Do you think that it will be possible to get this value using your product?


  2. Fishs Red says:

    you don’t have any plan after failed fund?


  3. Rex chan says:

    Do you consider swift and java (android) version ?


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