ImageEn 7.0.1: Ruler Layers

We have just released ImageEn v7.0.1, which is a free update if you purchased a license or extension after 24 August 2016.

Top Ten Enhancements

1. TIELineLayers can now be rulers

2. New line end shapes for TIELineLayers: Unfilled Arrow, Reverse Arrow, Diamond and Bar
3. Text can now be placed above or below lines in TIELineLayers
4. IEN and PDF formats are now registered in VCL (for use by TImage, etc)
5. Layer operations are supported when saving/loading to PSD (as PSD Blend Modes)
6. Various enhancements to TImageEnView rulers, including customization of text in OnGetRulerText event
7. Improved TIOParams.ResetInfo method allowing specification of which meta-data to remove
8. Various improvements to drawing of layer objects, particularly when layers are zoomed
9. More accurate RemoveIsolatedPixels method
10. Improved performance of TImageEnMView when performing modifying individual thumbnails
You can learn more about ImageEn at: 

If you have an older version, you can extend your registration at:

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